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Positive Dog-Friendly Training 
& Effective Problem Solving


Practical Dog Solutions provides dog owners with the skills and tools to understand and train their canine companions, along with the support needed during the training process. Using all positive, dog-friendly methods from basic training to behavioral problem solving. We use many resources and techniques all within the realm of gentle training, and strive to be flexible to meet our clients diverse needs. We have many options open to people depending on your goals, budget and schedule.

Please call or email if you have questions about our techniques or services.

A Bit About Our Methods...

  • Positive, leadership-based training methods, builds a bond between your dog and you.
  • Positive methods are proven effective, and provide fast results.
  • All techniques are family friendly, user-friendly and dog friendly! Developing real life, practical skills and routines to help your dog control his/her behavior.
  • Teaching you how to deal with events that upset or distract your dog and trigger unwanted behaviors.
  • Analyzing and solving behavior problems, giving you a thorough understanding of what caused any behavior problems.
  • Learn the correct way to use food in training, to lure and reward desired behaviors to get a quick, reliable response to your commands and cues.
  •  Use of "Life Rewards" when you have the behaviors well-established to easily integrate training and manners into your dogs daily life.

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