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Our methods are practical and dog-friendly with a focus on relationship, leadership and coaching your dog to learn. Specialized classes, workshops and seminars are available and training packages may include a combination of services to fully meet our clients needs. Please read descriptions of our classes below, we are happy to give you a further information of you need it.

Class Descriptions

Short Description
Price & Information
Level 1: 
Canine Confidence
6 weeks

This is our puppy/beginner dog class, and is for dogs of all ages.  Each week the class is divided into sections.  The first portion is used for socialization and recalls, where dogs develop confidence while learning how to greet, socialize and play appropriately with new friends.  Humans in class will be learning about how dogs communicate through body language and are educated about safe and appropriate greetings.  The second portion of class is used to teach basic skills such as sit, down, stay, come, stand, off, watch, leave it, drop it, stay & wait using positive reinforcement methods.  The third portion is set up for discussion and problem solving session to educate families on topics concerning their puppy or dog such as house training, how to stop jumping, chewing and building positive leadership. 

Level 2:
Dynamic Dog
5 weeks

This is our intermediate/advanced class for dogs who have completed our Canine Confidence Class or transferred from a similar class.   We focus in depth on getting great leash walking behavior and perfect recalls in all situations.  This class works to build on the skills learned in Level 1, and continues to problem solve and trouble shoot your way through your pups challenges.  We add distractions of all kinds, ask more for behaviors like stay and leave it, and teach a new behavior the “Emergency Recall”.   (Prerequisite Level 1, or equivalent)

Level 3:
Perfect Pooch
5 weeks

This class expands upon work on real life training such as leash walking around major distractions, working on recalls off-leash, distance training, and socialization for all dogs.  Also included are advanced stay exercises, and perfecting manners.  (Prerequisite Level 2, or equivalent)

Feisty Fidos
6 weeks

This is a specialized class designed for aggressive, reactive or other difficult to handle dogs.  This 6 week course, gives owners the skills to manage and redirect behavior in safe and effective ways.   Along with basic commands and problem solving, you will learn defensive handling techniques, relaxation exercises and calming techniques.

Focus Unleashed
Advanced/Refresher Class
5 weeks

This advanced class has a emphasis on focus around distractions, advanced leash work, work off of the leash and appropriate interactions/greetings with dogs and people,  It is a great course for those simply wanting a refresher, or those needing extra practice after taking our beginning class.  This class is for dogs that are friendly with people and dogs. (Prerequisite Level 1, Level 2 or consent of instructor)


Seminar & Workshop Descriptions

Short Description
Leash Walking & Polite Greeting Workshop
2 sessions, 4 hours total
Focus on great leash walking, and polite greetings with people and other dogs. Dog-friendly dogs only
I Just Adopted a Dog...Now What?
1 session, 3 hours
This human only informational session covers equipment, leadership techniques, basic training to start now. Q&A session for the last 30 minutes.
Reactive Rover Workshop

This workshop is for dogs that react at the end of the leash to distractions such as people, dogs, bikes and skateboards and other animals.  Morning session is informational only, no dogs attend. Afternoon is split up into 1 hour sessions with dogs in groups of 4 as a working session.  

a.m. session
2 hours, no dogs
p.m. session(s)
1 hour each, with dogs 

Positive Bird Dog Workshop

Half Day/Full Day

Coming soon

Introduction to Clicker Training

1 session, 3 hours

Coming Soon!

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Private Lessons and intensives are also available in select areas of Oregon, Idaho and Washington and are an excellent option for busy households or those dogs with behavioral issues and needing one on one training. Behavioral consultations and training sessions are generally done in your home, at your pace and include a specific training plan. Some of these issues include food and resource guarding, obsessive disorders, aggression towards people and/or children and dog-dog aggression.

Lessons are taught in your own home, and on your schedule and include similar handouts as provided in our classes and seminars.

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