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As of August 1, 2009 training walks and day training are no longer available. Please check back September 15, 2009 for updated options. Thank you!


Training Walks

Training walks are best for dogs that need their daily exercise and need extra training, or for difficult to walk dogs that need a trainer to walk them! These walks are offered at a discount to anyone taking part in our other training packages (see below).


5 - 45-minute walks
owner present


5 - 45-minute walks
owner not present


In addition to training packages:

3 - 45-minute walks

with or without owner


5 - 45-minute walks

with or without owner


Day Training

Day training packages are an excellent option for those families who are finding it hard to find the time to train their dog or puppy. These sessions are very successful for a variety of issues such as general obedience, puppy issues and potty training, leash walking and some behavioral issues. Please note that this form of training is only successful for some dogs, and some issues. It is very important for the owner(s) to follow up with these methods and often take a class in conjunction with this program. All packages include a initial 1.5 hour in-home consultation and 1 hour follow-up session with owner present after day training has taken place, in order for optimal success. Day training "visits" are customized, one on one training sessions, based on your dogs needs and your goals.


Prices include initial consultation and follow-up session

2 weeks (2 visits a week) $300
4 weeks (2 visits a week) $400
6 weeks (2 visits a week) $475
8 weeks (2 visits a week) $550

2 weeks (3 visits a week) $350
4 weeks (3 visits a week) $475
6 weeks (3 visits a week) $600

Half Day/Full Day Intensives

This is a fantastic option for those clients and families out of our regular service area. These intensives are done in your home and are custom fit to you and your dog's needs. We will assess your dogs behavior, your goals and desires for your dog's behavior, teach you the basic tools and give you a complete approximately 6 week training program you can do yourself! This program is also fantastic for large families, particularly with children, where all family members are in need of training. Included with the purchase of these intensives is 8 weeks of unlimited email or phone support (whichever works better for you).

In our service area (see city list of our service area)

Day Intensive (up to 4 hours) $225

Outside our service area - Includes all Washington State, parts of Oregon

Day Intensive (up to 4 hours) $325

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Practical Dog Solutions Seattle, WA 206-619-6269

Practical Dog Solutions Baker County, Oregon 541-519-5915