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Custom training manuals are a fantastic way to train your dog, at home, yourself with professional assitance.   Custom manuals cover all the basics and focus on specific commands that you want out of your dog.  In these custom behavioral training manuals also cover severe behavioral issues you may be dealing with These issues are covered in depth. 
Some behaviors that training can help:
- aggression
- separation anxiety  
- obsessive behaviors
- anxiety 
- chewing/destruction
- excessive barking
- potty issues
- dominance
- nipping
- aggressive play/bullying
- running away 

This manual is designed for your specific dog and lifestyle and is for dogs that may be dog aggressive, leash aggressive, under socialized, difficulty being handled, labeled as "pushy", "bully" or "stubborn" with their owners or dogs, and other variations of these issues. This manual covers all basic commands along with control techniques, behavior modification, body language, appropriate leadership, problem solving, handling and much more.

How do customized training manuals work?
Once you purchase your manual, you will be sent a confirmation email with an attachment that is a questionarre (you may choose to print it out and mail or email it back to us).   Once we recieve your questionarre back, we will get to work on your manual.   We may call or email you if questions arise about your responses, because we want you to receive the best information possible.
About 2-4 weeks after we recieve your questionnaire, you will recieve your custom manual in the mail.

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